Advanced Guitar Lessons 201

Previously in our last lessons we began the basic guitar lessons to help you with the basics and to make sure you learn the fundamentals of Acoustic guitars. Once you have mastered the 101 and 102 lessons, then lets move on to the more advanced ones.

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Guitar Tips For Beginners

Guitar Tips for Beginners

No matter which age group to you belong, learning guitar is always exciting. But it is one of the most difficult instrument to learn also. If you are trying to learn guitar and getting frustrated with some horrible tunes, there is nothing to get worried. It happens to every guitar learning beginners. There are no shortcuts for learning guitar quickly. You have to practice really hard to get hold of this music instrument. It is likely that you will be overwhelmed with so many instructions available about guitar learning. You must be wondering where to start, well there are some simple tips you can follow, some of those are given below:


Firstly, you have start with the right device. Starting with an electric guitar can be a great idea. An electric guitar is easy to play because it has thinner strings with and close to the neck. You will find it easy to hold those strings. You can also start with an acoustic guitar, but the learning process will not be an easy one. Acoustic guitar strings are difficult to hold while playing. It is better to learn the chords with an electric guitar and then move to an acoustic one.

Secondly, if you are learning the basics about guitar, it is better to learn from a live person. There are many different types for online guitar learning courses available on the internet. You can learn from those also, but for beginner’s online courses are not recommended. You are likely to make many mistakes during the early stages of your guitar learning. There must be someone in front of you to point out those mistakes. In that way your base will be strong and you will do well in future. Also find a skilled instructor to learn from.

Thirdly, you must have the right device for the right lesson. learning guitar is a tricky process and you don’t want to have a bad start. Never buy a cheap acoustic guitar in a process to save some money. A cheap guitar will have heavier stings and high action. Your guitar learning will be painful with that kind of lesson. Your first guitar must be a good one, with soft stings and low actions close to the neck. You don’t want to give up learning guitar just because the instrument you bought is not a good one. If you don’t have enough to buy, wait and save money to buy a good one.

Fourthly, there is quick and easy way of learning guitar. You have to spend plenty of time behind this process. The best thing to do is to learn slowly, faster learning will not help. You have to practice a lot to learn guitar. Sometimes, practicing can be a hard task and frustrating. Take rest and start again. You have to find inspiration to learn guitar. Learning guitar is something which can only be learnt slowly. You must not hurry in this process.

How to Take Care of Your Guitar


If you are passionate about music, then guitar must be a favorite music tool for you. It is important to take care of your belongings. When it comes to guitar, you need to take extra care of it. Many beginners buy guitars and don’t know how to keep it functioning. As a result, the guitar gets out of order and soon it becomes unusable. Taking care of your guitar is a simple process. You won’t need lots of cleaning equipment to clean your guitar and it takes a little time. So here are some tips to take care of your guitar effectively.

Treat Your Guitar Properly

Guitar is a sophisticated music instrument. You have to take great care of it to get the proper tune. So treating your guitar with care is the most important thing. A guitar is a valuable instrument for you if you love to make tunes. You should take care of it like other valuable belongings. A guitar should never be left flat on the floor when you are not using it. So the question is where to put your guitar? You can use a guitar stand or a case to put your guitar.

Take Care of Strings

Guitar strings are the most important part of the guitar. You should take extra care of these instrument. Taking care of guitar strings is not difficult at all. Clean guitar strings regularly otherwise dust will set on those. Keep your guitar on a dry place. Moisture can damage your guitar strings and eventually make those unusable. You should change your strings if those are totally out of order. Get your guitar to a local store and change the strings. You can also do it yourself if you know the process.

Guitar Customization

If you are a pro guitar player, you would probably want to make some changes to your guitar which is called guitar customization. A skilled artist like to keep the guitar just the way owner likes it. Guitar customization involves adding new kits of changing the paint of the guitar. If you know the techniques, you can do the customization work by yourself. Otherwise you can seek help from experts for the customization. Every single guitar is delicate when it comes to body parts. You should be careful in your guitar customization work.

Taking Care of Bridges

The bridge of a guitar is the part on the tale where all the strings reside. The structure of a guitar bridge may vary according to manufactures. However, the concept is same for everyone. Taking care of the bridge is very important as it holds the strings.   Make sure you are not damaging any part of the bridge while adding guitar strings. Otherwise you won’t get the proper tune from your guitar.

Above are some steps to take care of your guitar. A guitar is a precious instrument for music lover. An instrument which should be taken care of properly.

Tips to Open a Guitar Shop


Opening a guitar shop may sound like a lot of hard work and dedication, but with the right approach you can do it easily. Opening any business requires a lot of passion and dedication towards it. Most importantly it will require a capital which you will invest in the business. Same thing goes for opening a guitar shop also. Being a good seller is an art which some people are gifted with, for others it is a matter of practice and development. You can implement your knowledge of guitar in a guitar shop. Here are some other tips to open a guitar shop on you own.

The first thing to consider before opening a guitar shop is to think about. It will require a lot of effort from you to run the business. You will have to ask yourself, do you have what it takes? It is matter which should be taken seriously as there is money involved in it. You must be passionate about your guitar business. A plan is required before opening the business. You must think about it over and over before actually opening the business for customers.

The next thing is to choose a location for your little guitar shop. Location is a very important factor for any kind of business. You can’t just put a guitar shop anywhere you find it cheap. Your financing behind the guitar shop business will have an impact on the location option. Once you have chosen a suitable location, think about creating a business structure. You will require some papers before starting the business. Go through those steps and collect all the papers necessary for your business. Don’t leave anything for the future, do what you can do right now.

Then it comes to the most important phase of your business, the selling. As said earlier, a good sell is done by good presentation and approach. You must think from the customer’s point of view. What would a customer want from your guitar shop? You have to approach each customer differently. For example, if a beginner comes to your shop, you should help him/her to choose the first guitar. Having knowledge about the products you are selling is important for any kind of business. When you know about the things you are selling, you will be able to give some helpful advice to your customers.

Going online is the trend now and it can very helpful for your business. You don’t want to sit in a small place waiting for customers. You must let other people know that you are running a guitar business. Having a strong foothold on the online will help your business in many ways. Starting a website is very cheap now a day. You just have to spend a little time behind the site to maintain it.

Running a business successfully requires a lot of efforts and dedication. Your guitar shop will be successful if you are passionate about it.

Tips to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar


If you have decided to buy your first guitar, you are in lot of trouble. There are so many things to consider before buying your first guitar. The variety of models will certainly make you confuse and difficult to choose the right guitar for you. The thought of buying a guitar is very exciting and it hardly goes away from your mind. So you can make mistakes in that excitement. It will cost money to buy a guitar and you should not hurry about it. There are some pro tips for you to make things easier for you:

About the Expense

There are many different types of acoustic guitar available in the market and all of those vary in price. Unless someone in your family is paying for the guitar, money is a factor you should consider while buying your first guitar. Exactly how much you want to spend? That is the question. Your choice of guitar will depend on the amount you want to spend. You will find a perfectly good acoustic guitar if you don’t have a high budget. You don’t need a fancy acoustic guitar for learning. So think about your guitar learning and the expense, then choose the guitar.

The Right Kind

The second thing is to find the right kind of guitar for you. There is not horribly wrong choice option when it comes to buying a guitar. A big guitar or a greatly designed guitar doesn’t mean it is a good guitar. If a guitar is popular among your friends, it doesn’t mean you have to go after that also. There are many different types and sizes available for acoustic guitars. The most appealing guitar in the shop may not be the right choice for you.


The process of learning guitar is not an easy one. It will take a lot of hard work and motivation to learn guitar. So you have to set up for those. Buying a guitar will only the first step of the whole process. You have to consider the future of your guitar learning while choosing the guitar. Your fingers play the main role in guitar learning and playing, so consider the string pattern of the guitar. If the strings are high of the board, your fingers will hurt. So pay attention to the design of the guitar and decide if it will be comfortable for you.


You will be making some amazing tunes with the guitar you are buying. So you have to trust your guitar to create those. Before buying the guitar test the sound of the sound. You have to be confident about the sound of the guitar. The sound should not be too sharp or too boomy. There is no universal sound pattern for guitars, but there are some basic sounds which should be there. You can bring your friend to guitar shop and ask your friend to play it for you. Then you can hear the sound and decide.

Tips for choosing a second hand guitar


Second hand guitars are obviously great deals. In fact I believe that the only advantage when buying a new guitar is related to warranty. Or you could do this if you are incredibly picky and you know what you want from a guitar, without a doubt. Other than that, if you want to save some money and improve the quality of your sound at the same time, a second hand guitar is definitely the way to go. So here’s some tips on how to buy a second hand guitar.

First thing’s first: do your research. Don’t just walk into a pawn shop or go on Craigslist and chose the first thing you see. You should take some time to figure out what you want: electric or acoustic guitar, what style of electric or acoustic guitar, what type of strings do you want, and so on. One tip that will best help you decide is to take into account what type of music you like or what type of music you will be playing.

And even if you have decided on buying a second hand guitar, why not walk into a music store and try out the types of guitars they offer. See which one best suits you, which one you like the most, and try to choose a similar second hand one.

Once you have decided on a type of guitar, you should also ask the seller about the model, year it was made and, most important where it was made. The place a guitar is made is often an indicator of how good it is. For instance, North American guitars are considered to be some of the best guitars in the world. Based on the information you get from the seller, go back home and do some more research. You will surely find someone say something about that specific model: either it is amazing or terrible, these are things you should know before buying it.

If all the information you gathered during the research process has convinced you that you found the perfect guitar, it’s time to get your hands on it. The first thing you want to check is the neck. First off, you need to make sure that there are no cracks on it. Not major ones anyways. Some tiny scratches are relatively okay. You should also make sure that the frets are not very worn out. Just pull the strings aside and try to touch the frets with your finger. Another thing about the neck, make sure it is straight.

You should definitely check the hardware for rust. If you see rust anywhere, that’s an indicator that the guitar wasn’t properly stored and the dampness could affect the whole guitar. You should also make sure that the tuning heads are tight.

Apart from that, see how you get along with it, see how it feels and most importantly, see if it is comfortable. If it is, then you’ve got yourself a new second hand guitar.


Keeping yourself motivated to learn the guitar


Keeping yourself motivated while learning to play the guitar can prove to be as challenging as anything else you do in life. It can be frustrating and in some cases demotivating when you can get the beat right. I saw this challenge with one of my students that I am teaching who  owns a Rug Cleaning company. I lost track of this initial frustration at the beginning of a learning curve.

Motivation is something that comes from inside. Everybody aspires to be something in their life. I may not convince everyone to motivate from my speech, but few obviously get influenced. The motivation is something that comes from inside. People think that listening to speeches and reading the motivational books help them to get motivated.

Well, I would say, that is part of a bigger program called motivation. It is the inspiration to get motivated. No can motivate you unless you fell to be. You can obviously get inspired or influenced, but the steps need to be taken by you. There is nothing bigger than self motivation in life and it has constructed many lives since ages. It is the process of redefining yourself.

There are five major steps to be self motivated and these sums up the process of entire motivation.


This is obviously the initial step that has to be followed. You need an inspiration. It is not necessarily be a person, but an incident or a memory. It can be anything that thrive you to achieve and stand up. You must have the zeal and urge to push your limits and change the dimension of your life. If you’re not inspired, you cannot be motivated.

Set your Goals

You should be clear about your life and the goal. There should be a target that you want to achieve. It differs from the goal or aim one is trying to achieve. If someone wants to be successful in business, then he or she should set targets rather than long term goals to achieve. It should work like milestones, one after the another. The achievement of a successful person never ceases to exist.

Be a Leader

Start spreading your network and introduce yourself to the world. The world of networking again differs from the aspiration. If you want to be a good player, then try to go public and let the people know about you and your talent. You should showcase the world, that you have got the talent; your job will do the rest for you later. You should never shy away from expressing yourself. If you want to succeed, you need to be a leader.

Analyze and Award

This is the most important thing in the path of success. There should be validation points or check points in real life as well. You should meet your goals, the milestones, which you have set for yourself. If you are achieving your goals, then you should reward yourself and brace up for the next. However, if not, then analyze and find out the reasons of shortcomings. No one succeeded in one day, you might face, challenges, but important is to win them.

Keep Moving

The last stage of self motivation is to keep moving. You should never stop the run. I have seen people dream big and get frustrated when the challenges come. Remember, as a successful person is a realistic person, so make sure you have realistic targets and goals to achieve. Even if there are hurdles, you should keep moving because if you stumble, you will need motivation again to stand up and run.

Getting help is the best and fasted way to learn anything and reach your goal. You can contact me at my email for private lessons.

Learning Guitar: The Easy Way



Learning guitar is a dream for many people and they want to achieve this goal of playing guitar like a professional. But it is also true that only few people can turn this dream of learning guitar into reality. It takes time to learn guitar and regular practice is required. So if you are unable to spend time on learning the basic, you wouldn’t probable learn how to play guitar. Getting frustrated while learning guitar is very common and beginners often never pickup guitar again. Guitar learning is all about enjoying the music and tune. Here are some easy tips for you to learn guitar-


Know Your Guitar

You have to know every aspect of your guitar in order to bring sweet tune from it. So the first thing to do is to choose a guitar for your learning process. It can be an acoustic or an electric guitar. For learning purpose, an acoustic guitar will be more suitable for you. Before buying a costly and expensive guitar, try to find out whether any family members or friends have already got a guitar and willing to lend you. Learning the basic with an old guitar is always a good idea, you can buy a new one after learning the basics.


The Right Tools

There are many other small tools and materials which will be essential in learning guitar. Guitar player use other tools for regular guitar playing. The first tool will be the strings you are using in your guitar. There are many different types of strings available, and you should choose the one best suits you. The thickness of your guitar strings will shape the tune coming out of it. Also buy a guitar strap to hold onto the guitar while playing. The next important tool is a pick, which is very important for guitar playing. You can also collect a guitar tuner in order to keep your guitar in playable condition.

Understanding Chords & Rhythms

Knowing about chords and tunes are very important for learning guitar. The idea and knowledge of tunes and rhythms are somehow inherited and others you have to learn. The range of sounds you can create with guitar is hard to believe. An idea of which sound is more suitable after a particular sound is very important. You have to understand the scales of guitar playing. The more you study and practice these things, more you know about music and rhythm.


The basics are very important in terms of guitar playing. But once you know about the basics, you can experiment a little. Great guitar players have always experimented something new with a guitar. The idea creating something new will help you to create a new tune or sound. You should also experiment with your guitar. But remember, experimenting without knowing properly about guitar playing is never a good idea. You should first understand the basics of guitar and experiment afterwards.

So these are some simple tips for you to start your practice of learning guitar.


Learning Guitar: Mistakes to Avoid


Learning guitar is all about hard practice and your passion about music. Therefore you need to have some proper guidance before starting to play guitar. You have to understand that, learning something like guitar requires lots of hard work and dedication. But you also need a proper guideline to learn effectively. So there are some common mistakes you should avoid while learning this beautiful instrument. You will get frustrated if you don’t learn something in a proper way. So here are some common mistakes which should be avoided while learning guitar:

Learning Yourself

It is true that something in life you can learn by yourself without any proper guidelines. But guitar is not anything like that. Learning guitar by yourself will only make your guitar learning process harder. But the truth is most people try to learn guitar by themselves and get discouraged very quickly. Some great guitar players in the world may have learned playing guitar by themselves. But the amount of dedication and work will be too much for you if you want to learn all by yourself. So don’t do this mistake of self-tutoring yourself in the case of guitar. Seek some professional help and learn quickly and effectively.

Learning from Wrong Instructor

Learning anything requires learning from the basic and everything. If you are not learning from an ineffective guitar instructor, your learning will be incomplete. Some guitar trainers are self-learners and they don’t have any kind of certification. You will hear some cool tunes from them, but you will not learn the basic of guitar playing. So choose your instructor carefully. If you want to learn something you have to find a proper source of learning. The right instructor will just be the right source for you.

Applying New Techniques

There are literally thousands of music things you can do with guitar. But you need to set a specific goal for your guitar learning. Applying any techniques you find on the internet will cause you a lot of trouble. There should a strategic way of learning guitar. Finding new tips and applying that is not discouraged, but you should first stick to your basic. You can apply your customize strategy when you actually learn all the basics of playing guitar.


Not Setting a Goal

Guitar is a magical instrument, you will discover something new every day with this instrument. Newbies are often not specific about their guitar learning future. You need to set some goal if you want to learn guitar seriously. Thinking and planning a strategy is not a waste of time in the case of guitar learning. In fact it will save a lot of time in future.

Not Caring about Problems

You will face many difficulties during the phases of guitar learning. You should pay attention and isolate your problems. Otherwise the problems will remain forever. Not paying attention to problems is never a wise thing to do. Identify your problems and learn how to overcome those.



Simple Guitar Learning Tips for Beginners


The process of learning how to play guitar is not that hard as it may seem. You can follow some simple steps to learn how to play guitar within a short period of time. Learning guitar may seem a bit difficult as many learners quit earlier during their learning lesson. In most cases the problems are the amount of time need and the hurting of fingers.

Beginners often quit to play due to these factors. For example, the owner of the Carpet Cleaning Montreal Pros started with us lessons and then he was about to abonden it. He mentioned that Carpet Cleaning was easier, yet when he stuck through it he managed to succeed. Don’t quit.. this hurdle can be overcome with regular practice. If you practice and set a time schedule, these won’t be a problem for you. You don’t need paid instruction for learning guitar. A little dedication and time will make you an adequate guitar player. So here are some simple steps for you to learn acoustic guitar successfully –

The first important thing is to find the right tutorial for you. You can search online to find the most effective learning tutorial for you. There are hundreds of free online tutorials available for you. You can choose the one most suitable for you. Search the web using the string “free guitar learning lesson”. You will find plenty of your desired results. Most of these tutorials are well organized to match your daily routine for practicing. You just have to follow day to day. You will also find many useful information about guitar playing.


Your acoustic guitar is your primary instrument for learning. You have to know everything about your guitar. Studying the instrument is very important for guitar playing. Learn about different parts of guitar and get to know about those. Understanding the basic function of different function will make your guitar learning process easy and simple. Little time spend on learning about the instrument will help your guitar learning course in future.

You should find an easy way to hold different open and closed cord. You can learn about the cords from the lesson but an own style is always useful. So teach yourself many different ways of playing a single cord. A simple example, there are 10 different ways you can play a C chord. Learning different ways of playing a chord will bring flexibility to your guitar learning. It also helps you to create or compose new music.

The next and most important thing is practice. There is no alternative of learning guitar without regular practice. You have to practice about half an hour every day, try to practice 5 or 6 days per week. If you want to learn quickly, you have to force your training speed. The more you hear your tune you will understand the chords quickly. Muscle memory is something which will only grow with regular practicing. So you have to practice regularly to learn effectively.

So these are some simple tips for you to learn guitar. You can follow above tips to make yourself an adequate guitar player. The process of learning guitar is simple if you really want to learn. It is all about hard work and dedication.

Guitar Styles


The Tulsa Guitar Society does not focus exclusively on classical guitar as many guitar societies do.  Although classical is always a foundation for the guitar as it is most every other instrument, there are a number of styles of music that can be and are played fingerstyle on the guitar and we feel that overlooking them would be a disservice to those who play them.  (“Fingerstyle” is defined as plucking the guitar strings with the fingertips, fingernails, or fingerpicks as opposed to using a pick or plectrum.) The following is a list of styles that we have included in our focus when it comes to fingerstyle guitar.


Classical guitar (“classical” being a general term, referring to music written in the styles of the renaissance, baroque, classical, and romantic periods) has been around for two hundred years, but only gained widespread acceptance with the successful career of Andres Segovia.  Prior to that the guitar was viewed by the classical world as more of a folk instrument that was used for accompaniment in taverns, and too vulgar for the concert stage.  Relatively little music has actually been written for classical guitar, so much of the classical repertoire is taken from transcriptions of pieces written for other instruments like the violin, cello, piano, or lute.  Among the more famous classical guitarists are Christopher Parkening, Elliot Fisk, John Williams, Julian Bream, Sharon Isbin, and Pepe Romero. In Tulsa classical guitar is taught on the campuses of TU, ORU, TCC, and NSU.


Flamenco is probably the oldest form of fingerstyle guitar.  Some say it began when the Moors brought the guitar’s predecessor into Spain in the fifteenth century.  It employs many complex rhythms, rasqueados (using a succession of descending strokes), scales, and percussion in accompanying dancers and singers.  Carlos Montoya did for flamenco what Segovia did for classical guitar. He took it from the taverns to the concert halls. Among today’s more famous flamenco guitarists are Paco de Lucia, Juan Martin, Juan Serrano, and Paco Pena.


The folk fingerpicking style can be broken up into several groups.  First is the Travis style, named for Merle Travis.  Merle popularized the guitar as a solo instrument by playing tunes like Nine Pound Hammer and Sixteen Tons with an alternating thumb pattern.  After Travis came Chet Atkins, a fiddler who discovered his true genius was with the guitar.  He took Travis’ style and expanded on it using alternate tunings, harmonics, and playing ballads.  A devotee of Chet Atkins named Tommy Emmanuel has now taken the folk fingerstyle approach into the stratosphere with amazing harmonics technique, lighting fast runs, and seemingly impossible countermelodies like his rendition of Lady Madonna.  Similarly, Buster B. Jones has taken the Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed style and created his own sound with high energy fingerpicking.  Chet once said about Buster “This guy picks the guitar like he’s double parked!”  Another branch of folk fingerstyle can be found with artists like John Fahey and Leo Kottke, who employ alternate tunings, 12 string guitars, and slide bars.

electric guitar

Many pop music artists have employed various fingerstyle techniques over the years. Bob Dylan frequently used Travis-style picking in his songs. Paul Simon used both Travis-style (Homeward Bound) and a more classical style (Scarborough Fair) in his playing. Other pop artists who played fingerstyle include Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Denver, Harry Chapin, Arlo Guthrie, Dan Fogelberg, and Don McLean. Today’s pop artists who play fingerstyle include Dave Matthews and John Mayer.  Additionally many pop tunes have been arranged for fingerstyle guitar by recording artists and local performers.


Blues fingerstyle was made famous by artists like Blind Blake, Mississipi John Hurt, and Rev. Gary Davis. This approach frequently uses a resonator guitar, a slide bar, and open tunings. Today’s more noteworthy fingerstyle blues artists include Keb’ Mo’ (Kevin Moore), Kelly Joe Phelps, Mike Dowling, and Bob Brozman.


In the late 70s and early 80s a new approach to fingerstyle guitar emerged that came to be known as New Age (likely from the tendency of many people to use the music during meditation).  It moved away from the alternating thumb pattern approach of Merle Travis and focused more on composition and melody, employing numerous alternate tunings and frequent use of “slapping” and “tapping” techniques.  (Slapping uses the right hand to slap on a fret to create harmonics and tapping uses the right hand to hammer on to a fret when the left hand is too busy to reach it.)  New Agers also frequently use various harp guitars, echo and chorus effects with signal processors, and accompanying instruments like the violin or cello in their pieces.  Windham Hill artists William Ackerman, Michael Hedges, and Alex DeGrassi were among the more famous New Age guitarists.


Celtic fingerstyle takes its influence from the music of the British Isles – Ireland in particular.  It employs the frequent use of a drone in the bass to mimic the sound of bagpipes.  Although celtic music can be traced as far back as the 14th century it only became commonly played with fingerstyle guitar during the 20th century. The most common tuning in celtic is DADGAD.  Some of the better known celtic fingerstyle artists are Pierre Bensusan, Duck Baker, and Steve Baughman.


Many fingerstyle guitarists have chosen to focus more on jazz.  Among them are Joe Pass, Martin Taylor, Earl Klugh, and Tulsa’s own Tommy Crook.  There are so many different approaches to jazz among fingerstyle artists it’s difficult to even describe this particular style.  Some use the thumb for a bass line and play a combination of melody, harmony, and chords with the other fingers.  Some focus more on playing lead with both thumb and fingers.  And some are all over the place playing jazz chords and an improvized melody line like a jazz pianist.  Your best bet is to just listen to a few recordings from each.

Guitar Events

As excited as I am in playing the guitar throughout my life and teaching students how to play the guitar from beginners to more advanced, it is even more exciting to me when I get invited to play in special events throughout the city as this allows me to express and display my music and talent. I have played in multiple events in the last decade of my music career that ranged from music concerts for public events all over Toronto and GTA area to playing in private events to celebrate difference occasions such as weddings and baby showers.

One most of the occasions where I am invited to play in an event, the client and customer typically sends me a limousine service to pick me up as a courtesy or I would rent a Toronto Limo Service with as this would ensure that I arrive at the occasion on time to continue the festivities. Recently I was invited to play in a wedding of an older well off and established couple who met while each vacationing in Mexico with their friends and family. This was a love at first site story that ended up in the beautiful ceremony of marriage soon after.The couple out of courtesy decided to send me a Toronto limousine service for the pick up which was very nice of them. The limousine service, which was named Toronto Limo VIP was truly a unique experience by itself and stood out from me for the entire evening. The service was impeccable overall from the start where they picked me up right on time with a beautiful limousine that had a bar service included. I felt from the beginning like a rock star which only made me want to perform better. I arrived at the reception with style and glamor and was extremely enthusiastic after this experience to perform with as much style as the Toronto limo service I was picked up in.


I decided to put an itinerary together that focuses the music for half of the evening on romantic songs and thus used the classical guitar on my choices of music since it captures the beauty of how this couple met and the romance involved in this encounter. The other half of the evening was focused on more upbeat music from classical rock to modern songs and so decided to go with the acoustic guitar for the choice of sings in order to produce that strong and captivating music that makes everyone in the room dance and happy.


Overall my experience in playing in events is super exciting. The people we meet that leave lasting impressions on us like this couple that I was able to perform to my beautiful music and I am proud of it so I was able to make their night ever lasting, to the experience of getting to the events with a stylish limousine service in Toronto such as Toronto Limo VIP was astonishing and unforgettable and I hope that one day you will be able to play music as I do and enjoy it as much as I do and be able to ride a limousine service like a rock star and perform to people and leave them with a lasting impression.



Welcome to The World of Guitars

Welcome to my site!!

So obviously you are interested in playing the guitar and want to know more about what you need to do to start playing the guitar…where do you start, how do you select a guitar, where do you go to purchase the guitar, what music do you pick for what guitar…where do you go for all this information. Well you have come to the right place and are on the right site and I will be helping you and leading you step by step from getting started as a beginner and eventually growing to advanced and who knows perform one day!

Before getting started make sure you want to learn how to play the guitar. Playing the guitar is not easy and will take dedication and patience. Take the time to think about it and listen to songs played only by the guitar, ask yourself why do you want to learn how to play the guitar, make sure you fall in love with it enough to be investing your time and money into this whether its for fun, a hobbie or as a profession.